Congressman Michael Oxley

Of Sarbanes-Oxley!

Carter Pate, CEO

MV Transportation

Orchid Group, Inc. provides educational services related to the field of Accounting. We provide Continuing Professional Education courses for Certified Public Accountants in house and online. We are one of the limited number of companies approved to teach the required Ethics CPE course for the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy.

Newt Liliana and William

Newton Becker, the Father of CPA Review

Celebrating 50 years of Becker CPA Review.

For those aspiring to become Certified Public Accountants, we recommend Becker CPA Review ( We have been teaching for them since 1999. Newt Becker invented the entire concept of reviewing for the CPA Exam in 1957. Over 500,000 CPAs have used the course with consistent success. We provide live instruction for all parts of the CPA Exam at the Dallas classroom.

See the Becker website for locations and schedules.